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Taming of the Shrew

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LAPD Detective Robert Hunter

The Crucifix Killer (Robert Hunter Series #1) - Chris Carter The Night Stalker - Chris Carter Executioner - Chris Carter The Death Sculptor - Chris Carter

I was lucky enough to spot "The Death Sculptor" on a sale and get it. After few first chapters I already knew I'll read the rest of the series! 


I enjoyed Chris Carter style of writing, how he can stop the action and leave the reader much to imagine but on the other hand, described the crime scene without pompous language, and unnecessary "poetry". The whole idea of the book recalls me other detective book series - Mark's Billingham Tom Thorne. 


Main character- Robert Hunter may be to "good" (a Criminal Behavior Psychologist turned Detective for the Homicide Special Section) - everything succeeds, he's brilliant, intelligence, knows everything etc. But I found him fascinated. 


For me- it's one of the 'can't wait' book :)